Monthly Archives: October 2010

Learning Spanish on the Costa del Sol

We hope you’re finding our Spanish language feature useful and are making progress! If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself, a great way is to sign-up with a language school. Although many adults are reluctant to go back to school, most people respond well to more structured learning and regular classes give you the […]

ADANA Animal Rescue centre, Estepona

Supporting your local charities is a great way to meet people and get involved with your community. We’re helping animal charity ADANA to recruit more volunteers and supporters and thought those people new to the area could really benefit from this opportunity. ADANA has around 150 dogs in their kennel near to Estepona and is desperately […]

Talking to people and making friends

Settling into a new area and trying to make friends in a new language can be daunting. HomeRentalontheWeb can help you find a great Spain long-term rental and we want to give you a bit of help with the langauge too! This month, our resident Spanish expert Michelle Lewis has put together some useful phrases to ask people […]

Finding a job in Spain

Living in Spain is a dream for many expats and thousands of people flock to these sunny shores each year to “live the dream”. Unfortunately (unless you have unlimited money) it’s impossible to live on a permanent holiday and so you have to deal with the reality of finding a job, as well as getting […]