Monthly Archives: November 2010

Some fun phrases to make you speak like a local

Eye on Spain has provided a great post about colloquial Spanish phrases which can really make you sound like a local. There are lots of phrases where we might be tempted to use just Me gusta or No me gusta (I like or I don’t like). This is perfectly correct of course, but it can get […]

La Farmacia – The Pharmacy

In Spain the pharmacist is qualified to sell over the counter many medicines that only a doctor can prescribe in the UK. This is great for many minor ailments as you don’t need an appointment & there is always a duty pharmacy (Farmacia de guardia), open nearby. For this month’s Spanish language feature, our Spanish teacher […]

Keep up to date with your local and national holidays

Living in Spain can offers you a more relaxed lifestyle, fantastic weather, food and plenty of culture. As if this wasn’t enough, you also enjoy the most bank holidays in Europe with a whole host of national and local holiday days to experience. The holiday days are a great excuse for a party and a […]

Survey reveals Brits retiring abroad are happy with their choice

According to a NatWest poll published in the Daily Mail, the majority of expats emigrating to retire are happy with their choice and do not intend to return home. Seven out of ten Britons who have retired abroad are happy with their choice of country and intend to stay there, and fewer than one in […]

Guide to education in Spain

If you are looking to relocate to Spain with your family one of the most pressing issues is education. The Spanish education system can be confusing to understand even for those people who speak Spanish and so many people choose International schools as a default, even if it is not the best choice for their […]