Monthly Archives: September 2012

Learning Spanish – Bills (Facturas)

Once you have found the perfect long term rental property in Spain, a great way to really settle in is to learn some useful Spanish phrases. As with any rental property you will also have household bills to deal with so here are some tips to help you understand them.   Nº cuenta cliente – […]

Changes to winter fuel payments for pensioners

An article printed in the Olive Press on the 5th September reported that British expats may be eligible for a winter fuel repayment under the terms of a new EU ruling, which could see around 100,000 British pensioners making the claim. In the past, expats were only able to receive the payment if they turned […]

Rent and Remain Flexible – The Life of an Expat

There was an interesting article in the Telegraph on the 3rd August about the financial problems faced by many expats; the article puts across the argument that many expats are too quick to blame the financial crisis for the problems which they are facing. Here is a basic overview of the article; While moving abroad […]