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Will you be escaping the crowds this year?

Last month, we wrote about all the great options for travelling to and from the Costa del Sol and how easy it is to get to Europe and further afield. So, the million dollar question is whether you will be staying here in this holiday paradise, or travelling to escape the crowds. Have you decided […]

Using the Spanish Health System

If you’re living on the Costa del Sol, then you will need access to medical care. Although it’s a very healthy place to live, and life expectancies are long, you need to feel protected should you, or your family fall ill. The Spanish National Health system is generally very good, with excellent reputation for specialists […]

Featured Property – Three Bedroom Apartment in Hacienda de Mijas Golf

When it comes to searching for a new family home in Spain, one of the most important considerations is that the children will be happy, settled and safe. The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular areas with families, with so much on offer including; excellent schools, sport facilities, and a massive choice […]

Why rent your property out long term?

Over the past 5 years, the long term rental market on the Costa del Sol has grown immensely. Hundreds of families have moved here looking for a better quality of life, or to try before they buy, and the slow-down in property sales has left the long-term rentals market with a year round demand for […]

The season of giving!

As we take the decorations down and tidy away the remains of Christmas wrapping paper, thousands of households across Spain are preparing to do it all again in celebration of the Three Kings! Now you are renting long term on the Costa del Sol, you may want to settle in by learning more about Spanish […]

Why Sign Up To The Padron?

There are a surprising amount of expatriates renting property on the Costa del Sol who have not yet signed up to the padron. As an expat in Spain you are obliged to sign the register yet still many are unaware it even exists or unsure why they need to.   So why should you sign up to […]

Why rent your property out long-term?

The Costa del Sol still remains a year round destination loved by thousands and many home owners rent out their property to holiday makers as a way of earning extra income. However, this time of year the demand for holiday rental homes is less and hundreds of properties will be left empty until next summer. […]

Featured Property – Stunning Winter Rental

Now that summer is over on the Costa del Sol, hundreds of season workers have headed back to their home countries with a head-full of happy memories. That means an excellent choice of properties on the rental market! One of the great things about long term rental properties on the Costa del Sol is that […]

Rent and Remain Flexible – The Life of an Expat

There was an interesting article in the Telegraph on the 3rd August about the financial problems faced by many expats; the article puts across the argument that many expats are too quick to blame the financial crisis for the problems which they are facing. Here is a basic overview of the article; While moving abroad […]

New Changes to Rental Agreements in Spain

This month the Government has announced new changes to rental agreements in Spain. Under previous law there was no easy way to evict a tenant without their agreement. If they were up to date with their rent payments and refused to leave, there was little homeowners could do to regain possession of their property for […]