Networking and Socialising on the Costa del Sol

networkingWhen moving to Spain, it can be daunting if you have left your friends behind and you don’t know many people. Making new friends is essential to settling in, but can be hard for an adult, especially if you work from home or don’t have children. If you rent long term on the Costa del Sol, it’s nice to know what is in your local area when it comes to socialising, apart from the bars and restaurants. So how do you go about making new friends, and networking with different people with similar interests to you?

There are various networking groups for expat women dotted around the Costa del Sol which give support, friendship, and a chance to share knowledge and experiences of life in Southern Spain. The types of people who attend the networking events are usually people looking to meet friends like you, or to meet new people for business related reasons. Either way, the least you will get from these groups is a nice chat with other expats and some new contacts.

Here is a list of recommended networking groups along the Costa del Sol.

Costa Women

Costa Ladies

Sotogrande Women

Tweet up

Women in Business Spain

Another great way to meet people and make new friends is to join a charity and do some volunteer work. Even just a few hours contribution could help the charity a lot, make you feel good and introduce you to new friends. Many of the charities are predominately Spanish speaking, but usually have an English contact there as well if your Spanish isn’t up to scratch yet! Some great charities on the Costa del Sol are;

Age Concern

Red Cross

Horizonte (Volunteers always needed) Call Keith on 687417035

Lions club

AID – Animals in distress

Cudeca Cancer Hospice

Let us know of any other networking groups we have missed on the Costa del Sol by commenting below, and have fun making many new friends!

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