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Using the Spanish Health System

If you’re living on the Costa del Sol, then you will need access to medical care. Although it’s a very healthy place to live, and life expectancies are long, you need to feel protected should you, or your family fall ill. The Spanish National Health system is generally very good, with excellent reputation for specialists […]

Why Living in Spain is Good For You

At HomeRentalontheWeb we are all passionate about living on the Costa del Sol and love the lifestyle it offers us and our families, which is why we’re so committed to helping people find the perfect long term rental property to make their dreams a reality. You will find that living on the Costa del Sol […]

Retiring to Spain and Healthcare

Spain is a brilliant place to choose for a more relaxed retirement. There’s a great climate, positive attitude to the elderly and lots of opportunities to stay active and healthy on the golf courses and as part of the many clubs and societies. Things to be aware of for a great retirement on the Costa […]

Looking after your health in Spain

When renting long term on the Costa del Sol, it is important that your family’s health is taken care of. Falling ill can result in hefty medical bills if you do not have the correct healthcare cover. Language can be a barrier when it comes to medical issues, putting people off going to visit the […]

Doctor strikes on the Costa del Sol

A recent article in the Euro Weekly News informed us that from this week, doctors in Andalucia will be holding various strikes at healthcare centres in the area. The 24 strikes will be called randomly at a different health care centres everyday in order not to disrupt hospitalised patients, so if you have an upcoming […]

Looking after your health in Spain

When relocating to Spain, most people think of all the benefits such as great weather and a better lifestyle, we don’t like to think about bad health when moving to the Costa del Sol. However, if you rent long term in Spain or are planning to, it’s important to know what’s what when it comes […]